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You've got a great website (created by us of course), the money's rolling in and now you're looking at ways of maximising your selling opportunities online. We could sit here and babble on about how many million smartphones are in use and how they've revolutionised the way we find and buy products but you already know that.

What we will say is that if you don't have a mobile version of your ecommerce site then you will be losing sales - 73% of smartphone owners will use it to make a purchase and 51% will only purhcase from a retailer that has a mobile site but only 4.8% of those retailers have one. As good as our PC based sites are, they are designed and developed for machines that have the luxury of broadband, nice big screens and a mouse & keyboard. Obviously smartphones don't always have broadband download speeds, their screens are much smaller and use touch technology so our mobile sites are simple, quick to download, easy to navigate and cross-device compatible.

Smart Phone Apps

Got a great idea for an app? Have you thought of the next 'Angry Birds'? Or would you like an app version of your existing ecommerce site? Either way, our app developers would love to hear from you. We have experience developing apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices so get in touch and we'll be happy discuss your idea, give you an idea of costs, ROI, and how to market your app.

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