Multi Channel Ecommerce

Multi Channel Ecommerce

What is Multi Channel Ecommerce?

Multi channel ecommerce enables you to sell your products not just via an ecommerce site but also by other retail channels/markets such as eBay, Amazon (UK, USA and Europe),, Pixmainia. This also includes more traditional channels such as MOTO (mail order telephone order) & EPOS (electronic point of sale).

Adopting E2E Solutions Multi Channel Ecommerce Module will allow you to manage your sales through all these channels through one simple interface. Imagine being able to maintain all product information and images in one place and having one central place to manage and process orders - This is E2E's Multi Channel Ecommerce Solution!

It will save you time

As an online seller you may have been duplicating your product range on sales channels other than your website which takes time and results in orders being processed in different ways and places. E2E's multi channel system means you can add products to eBay and Amazon's listings from existing products via the E2E Product Manager. There's no duplication of images or product descriptions (although you can tailor them for each channel if you wish), just a few options relevant to the channel and away you go! Even the orders are processed in one place - the E2E Order Manager handles all orders, wherever they are from so there's no need to switch between different systems and websites to process and despatch your orders.

You're in control

Controlling your stock is one of the most demanding tasks in retail, managing allocation across multiple channels using different interfaces and ensuring stock levels are accurate can seem like mission impossible at times. E2E's multi channel system lets you accurately allocate stock and redistribute it between your selling channels in real time ensuring you'll always have enough products to sell but won't have a warehouse bursting at the seams.

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