Search Engine Friendly Websites

A search engine friendly website is only one element of an SEO campaign but without it, any campaign will struggle to convince search engines such as Google that your site is worth including in their listings. There are 2 main types of search engine optimisation; on-page and off-page. On-page covers all the things we can do to your website and the supporting files to ensure that everything a search engine is looking for to rank your site is there. Off-page is conducted away from the website and includes activity such as link building, social media and PPC campaigns.

On-page Optimisation

When Google and other Search Engines visits your website it is looking for clear and accurate information regarding the subject of your site and its individual pages. E2E's design team will write the HTML of your site so it presents this information in the way that search engines understand and will apply best practices for the mark-up used. This also helps improve the usability of the website for all users.

Google Sitemap

Our systems will generate a Google Site Map automatically for you. A sitemap is an XML file that tells Google about the pages on your website, how important each page is and how frequently it changes.

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