Customer SLA

This agreement is to define Domain Name Management Service (DNMS) provided to a customer. This agreement specifies service hours, availability, support levels or duration and any restrictions on support.

This Service Agreement (this Agreement) is made a general agreement between E2E Solutions Ltd and customers who have purchased this service establishes a commitment for providing a domain name management service as detailed in this Agreement. This document clarifies both parties' responsibilities and procedures to ensure Customer needs are met in a timely manner.

1.1 Services Provided

the following service(s) are provided to the customer by this agreement.

Please note that your complaint will not be investigated unless you submit this information to us.

1.2 Service Objectives

The service is as stated in 1.1. The DNMS availability goal is 99.9% of the time during the defined service hours, excluding scheduled maintenance downtime or disasters outside of E2E Solutions Ltd.'s control.

Requesting Help and Support Incident Management and Service Goals
The E2E Solutions Ltd designate or other knowledgeable staff member will respond via telephone or email to the Customer's incident within: Obtaining Help and Support
Customers may request support by emailing or by calling 024 76 998014. Service and Support Availability

E2E Solutions Ltd will make the DNMS service available as set out in 1.1 Services Provided, with the exception of necessary planned interruptions for service, upgrades, and reconfiguration. The Support and Help system is manned between 9am and 5.30pm Monday - Friday GMT.

E2E Solutions Ltd cannot guarantee timeframes for the following situations:

1.2.2 Escalation Procedures
All urgent incidents are reported to the Administration Manager. Reporting and escalation of non- urgent incidents is as follows: notification is sent to Administration and Support. If not responded to, the Office Manager is contacted. If not responded to, the Director is contacted. Complaints Procedure
A separate complaints procedure can be found here - Complaints and Escalation Process.

1.2.3 Scheduled Maintenance
the services provided require regularly scheduled maintenance in order to meet the stated service windows and service level objectives. Although when possible maintenance will be performed outside of business hours, much of the work required to maintain systems must occur during normal business hours. This work, in most cases, does not cause an outage for the customer.

1.2.4 Constraints

2. Responsibilities

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) between [Customer] and E2E Solutions Ltd establishes a commitment for DNMS service as detailed in this Agreement. The summary section defines the specific service level objectives for the service(s) provided under this agreement while the overview provides additional details on who the customers are that utilize the service(s).

2.1 Scope
The following service(s) are provided to the customer by this agreement.

2.2 Customers
E2E Solutions Ltd does not provide any "reseller" services and customers cannot purport themselves to be agents of E2E Solutions Ltd.

2.3 Objectives
The primary goal of this Agreement is to obtain mutual agreement that the proper procedures, requirements and service levels are in place to provide consistent service support and delivery to the customer by E2E Solutions Ltd.

The objectives of this agreement are to:

2.4 Service Level Reviews
This agreement will be reviewed on an interval no greater than one year by E2E Solutions Ltd.

2.5 Service Requirements
2.5.1 Customer
The Customer will:

2.5.2 E2E Solutions Ltd
E2E Solutions Ltd will: